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"I purchased your platinum tint…noticed the difference when I held up the tint next to the glass without even mounting it to the glass yet. The difference was amazing. I can't wait to see my next electric bill for the savings. Thanks for a great product."
- DIYer, Odessa, TX

"The BEST instructions I have EVER read for ANY product"
- Edward, Little Rock, AR

"Great product, saved $600 doing it myself"
- John, Pierre, SD

"A good product, we felt film working as soon as we put it up"
- Sally, Anchorage, AK

"The results are amazing. Wow people need to know about your product! The a/c is not running as much as before applying the film. The rooms are cooler and with no sun glare."
- Fred & Dee, Athens, TX

"I've used it on 3 houses, it's a good product"
- Lee, Myrtle Beach, SC

Love this product! I've used it throughout my home. Thanks for a product that's cost efficient and really straight-forward for the do-it-yourselfer!
- Cindy, Oceanside, CA

"Very, very good product at a good price"
- William, Indianapolis, IN