Gila® Heat Control 3 in 1 Window Film

Gila® Heat Control 3 in 1 Window Film

Get homelife-changing results from your weekend DIY project with Gila Heat Control 3-in1 Window Film. It’s a desirable package of 3 advanced features, all in one film: cutting-edge optical clarity, effectiveness with less light reflection, and 2 ml thickness for application ease. Architects sometimes call this style of film “solar.” You’ll call it fantastic. 

Special Features

Less Reflection:  Glass with heat control film can look mirrored. This product reduces that effect, without sacrificing effectiveness.

Clear & Warm:  Maintains optical clarity and gives glass a warm, natural tint that enhances outdoor views from urban to rural. 

Smart Sizes:  Get the width that’s your best fit. Rolls of Gila 3 in 1 Heat Control are 15’ long, and available in 3’ or 4’ widths. 

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