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Feel safer at home with glass that thwarts intruders and accidents.

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Gila® Safety & Security Film

Get extra protection from small scratches, accidental
shattering, and purposeful intrusions with Gila Safety & Security Film. It
adds an undetectable, strengthening layer to glass, covering the surface and
holding it firmly together when it’s broken. Apply Safety & Security window
film to help slow intruders, safeguard against damage from pets or children at
play, and more. It’s a smart choice for vulnerable, smooth glass surfaces all
around your home: basement windows, sliding glass doors, shower doors, and even
glass tabletops. 

Special Features

  • Long-Lasting This durable specialty film has a strong adhesive backing that can bond to glass in hours and last for years.
  • Stealthy Protection This clear, virtually invisible film strengthens glass without changing the look of windows, doors and furniture.
  • Smart Sizing Safety & Security film rolls are 3’ wide and 7’ long, so there’s enough in one package to cover a sliding glass door.

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Product availability varies by retailer. To purchase online, visit the retailer’s website below. For in-store purchases, contact your local store for product availability.

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How-To Video

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