Gila® Privacy Décor Frosted Lattice Window Film

Frosted Lattice Privacy Control Décor Window Film

Create a private garden mood with frosty diamond latticework.

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Gila® Privacy Décor Frosted Lattice Window Film

Gila® Decorative Frosted Lattice Window Film is a modern, money-smart alternative to typical window treatments. Unlike shades, drapes and sheers, it won't block natural light or hide window frames. Instead, Gila Frosted Lattice Window Film lets in loads of beautiful sunlight, while enhancing the look of your windows. Perfect for DIY projects in homes, offices or small businesses, this traditional texture can be used on windows, doors or other flat glass surfaces, like cabinet fronts and tabletops.

Special Features

  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION: ust cut to size and apply using Gila Complete Application Kit, no professional installer needed
  • 24-HOUR PRIVACY: Film texture conceals to help keep out prying eyes without blocking sunlight
  • NO ADHESIVE: No glue—static cling technology adheres firmly to surface but is easy to remove & reus
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