Gila® Crackled Glass Side Light Window Film

Crackled Glass Side Light Window Film

Keep your private life private and get a specialty glass look

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Gila® Crackled Glass Side Light Window Film

Those windows on either side of your
front door are a blessing and a curse. Sure, they let lots of sunlight stream
in – but they also make it easy for visitors to see inside. Side Lights Window
Film in Crackled Glass adds privacy so you can skip answering the door when you
want to lie low. Plus, it enhances the outside of your home with a look that
could easily be mistaken for real textured glass.

Special Features

  • 24-Hour Privacy Expect full privacy from glass with this film. It blocks views at any time of day, when seen from indoors or out.
  • Easy On-And-Off “Static cling” means you’re working with a slightly thicker, non-adhesive film that’s easier to apply, remove and reuse.
  • Smart Sizing Each single roll is 1-foot wide by 6.5 feet long, which is just the right amount of film to cover 2 narrow, door-side windows.
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