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Think windows are just glass? Gila DIY films will change how you see things.

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Decorative & Functional DIY Window Films

The more you learn about Gila Window Film, the more inspired you’ll be by the possibilities. It makes truly satisfying projects easy to tackle in just a weekend. And there are so many ways it can improve your home life, from decorative updates to light control to safety enhancements. 

Gila DIY film can improve the look and function of just about any smooth glass, too: windows, exterior doors, shower doors, cabinet doors, and even glass tabletops. Explore to learn more about your options or to solve a particular problem. We’ve got products from fabulously fun to seriously practical, all made from long-lasting, professional grade materials.

Heat Control Window Films

Bask in the benefits of sunlight-filled rooms, without sacrificing personal comfort or the beauty of your home furnishings.

Privacy & Decor Films

Conceal private spaces or reveal your personal style with DIY window film in a variety of textures, patterns and colors.

Application Tools

Make the most of your quality DIY time, with tools designed specifically for smooth application and satisfying results.

Side Light Films

Get all the advantages of our other DIY window films, in sizes and styles that are ideal for narrow, door-side windows.

Glare Control Films

Sit happily in front of your flat screen TV, laptop, and other electronic devices for hours, without sitting in the dark.

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Product availability varies by retailer. To purchase online, visit the retailer’s website below. For in-store purchases, contact your local store for product availability.

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How-To Video

Wondering what a DIY window film project is really like? Press play and find out.

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