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Get a glare reduction and VIPs-only privacy with our most dramatic tint.

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Gila® XTREME LIMO BLACK™ Window Tint

Gila® XTREME LIMO BLACK™ Automotive Window Tint is an intelligently-designed film that
offers our maximum privacy level as compared to other Gila products. Its 3% Visible Light
Transmission, our darkest automotive window film, gives your car a sleek look and helps
reduce glare. This material is deep-dyed, making it extremely durable and designed for
extended use. Upgrade your style while increasing privacy with a technologically advanced
window tint.

Special Features

  • DARKEN WINDOWS Upgrade your style and privacy with 97% light blocked and 3% Visible Light Transmission
  • BLOCK THE HEAT Helps keep your drive cool with up to 42% heat rejected
  • INCREASED VISIBILITY Reduces glare, helping you to see better during the day and drive safer
  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION Adhesive film is easy to install with the Gila Complete Window Tint Application Kit (sold separately), no professional installation required

CAUTION! Each state or province has tint laws governing the darkness, reflectivity, and colors allowed on vehicles. Consumer must refer to state or provincial laws and assumes all responsibility to comply with applicable laws. Consult your state's Automotive Tint laws here:

Product Listing

Product Features


Available Sizes

Glare Reduction

Heat Rejected

2.5 % (Ultimate Darkness) 2ft x 6.5ft 96% 42%