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Get a glare reduction and VIPs-only privacy with our most dramatic tint.

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Gila® Xtreme Limo Black

Probably we had you at “Xtreme Limo Black.” Still, it’s worth saying that this ultra-swanky window tint also has benefits beyond style. While it adds dark, mysterious drama to your vehicle, it also helps keep the sun’s damaging UV rays at bay. This helps prevent cracking and fading of your car’s interior, and it’s a plus for complexions too. Gila Xtreme Limo Black also blocks heat, helping to keep you and your possibly famous passengers cool, even when you’re fully surrounded by camera-toting paparazzi. Or just driving around on a sweltering day.

Special Features

  • 2.5% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) VLT measures light passing through glass. The lower the VLT, the darker the tint. And 2.5? It’s our absolute darkest.
  • Clarity & Durability Made with the same technology as window tints used by the pros for clean, clear views and a longer life.
  • Available Sizes Each package contains a 2’ high by 6.5’ long roll, enough for 2 side windows or 1 rear window.

Product Listing

Product Features

Xtreme Limo Black Tint

2.5 % (Ultimate Darkness) 2' x 6.5' Roll Reduces Glare 97% Blocks Heat 44%