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Cut down that annoying glare on your morning or afternoon commute.

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Gila® Windshield Glare Kit

The Gila® HEAT SHIELD PLUS™ 20% VLT Glare Strip Kit helps make driving safer and more
comfortable. Customized to fit the top section of your automotive windshield, the Glare
Strip is ideal for reducing glare in that notorious windshield spot during sunrise and
sunset. Gila's special adhesive technology makes it easy to apply without professional

Special Features

  • REDUCES GLARE Provides protection from the sun’s glare in that pesky spot just below the roof line and just above the visor
  • MAINTAINS VISIBILITY Does not obstruct or obscure view through windshield
  • CUSTOM FIT Sized for all automotive make and models including Truck & SUV
  • CUTTING TOOL AND APPLICATION SPRAY INCLUDED For quick and easy installation, no professional installation required

CAUTION! Each state or province has tint laws governing the darkness, reflectivity, and colors allowed on vehicles. Consumer must refer to state or provincial laws and assumes all responsibility to comply with applicable laws.
Consult your State's Automotive Tint laws here:

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Windshield Glare Strip Kit

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HEAT SHIELD PLUS™ 20% 10in x 78in roll 78% Tools and Application Solution