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Gila® Heat Shield Plus Window Tint

Gila Heat Shield Plus is our most fully loaded tint, available for standard and oversized vehicles, and also as a windshield strip. Along with uncompromising privacy in a range of shades, it defies scratches and delivers high-performance protection from glare, heat and UV rays  How do we do it? Heat Shield Plus is not one, but two technically advanced layers. One is deep-dyed to allow a precise level of light through. The other is a powerful shield that rejects heat. Together, they make your ride undeniably cooler. 

Special Features

  • Size Options Find your best fit, with options from oversized rolls to thin strips that offer safe shading for windshields.
  • More Milage Adhesive-backed film offers superior durability, scratch resistance and optical clarity for the long haul.
  • Sun Protection, Too All Gila DIY auto tints block 99% of UV rays, to help protect your vehicle’s interior and your skin from the sun’s aging.

Product Listing

Product Features

Heat Shield Plus

5% (Dark) 2' x 6.5' & .5' x 26' Reduces Glare 94% Blocks Heat 55%
20% (Medium) 2' x 6.5' - .5' x 26' - 10" x 6.5' - 30' x 10' Reduces Glare 78% Blocks Heat 50%
35% (Light) 2' x 6.5' Roll Reduces Glare 61%