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Get more mileage from your DIY tint with top-grade technology.

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Gila® Basic Tint

Gila® Basic Automotive Window Tint is an intelligently-designed film that will transform the look of your vehicle. This scientifically-formulated material is deep-dyed, making it extremely durable and designed for extended use. Upgrade your style while increasing privacy with a technologically advanced window tint.

Special Features

  • DARKEN WINDOWS Upgrade your style
  • INCREASED VISIBILITY Reduces glare, helping you see better and drive safer
  • SCRATCH-RESISTANT: Durable material uses deep-dye technology that lasts

Adhesive film is easy to install with Gila Complete Application Kit, no professional installation required

Product Listing

Product Features

Basic Window Tint

5% (Dark) 2' x 6.5' Roll Reduces Glare 94% Blocks Heat 44%
20% (Medium) 2' x 6.5' Roll Reduces Glare 78% Blocks Heat 38%
35% (Light) 2' x 6.5' Roll Reduces Glare 61% Blocks Heat 35%