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Gila® Basic Tint

We call it basic, but it’s better than that. Gila Basic Window Tint is a top-grade tinted adhesive window film, manufactured using deep-dye technology for extended wear without discoloration. Gila Basic gives you 65-95% darker windows, depending on the tint level you choose, plus the added bonuses of scratch protection, heat blocking and glare reduction. Picture yourself rolling in feel-good privacy and style for thousands of miles with Gila Basic.

Special Features

  • Variety of Shades Choose the level of tint darkness light/medium/dark for look and privacy that works for you and in your area.
  • Sun Protection, Too All Gila DIY auto tints block 99% of UV rays, to help protect your vehicle’s interior and your skin from the sun’s aging.
  • Scratch-Resistant & Clear The advanced, deep-dye technology used in all Gila adhesive auto tints gives you superior optical clarity and durability.

Product Listing

Product Features

Basic Window Tint

5% (Dark) 2' x 6.5' Roll Reduces Glare 94% Blocks Heat 44%
20% (Medium) 2' x 6.5' Roll Reduces Glare 78% Blocks Heat 38%
35% (Light) 2' x 6.5' Roll Reduces Glare 61% Blocks Heat 35%