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Looking to tint your vehicle? Gila® DIY window films have you covered.

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Gila Premium Auto Window Tints

Sporty, practical or luxury, your vehicle is more than a way to get from here to there. It’s a way to show off your style, and also a place where you spend a surprisingly large amount of time. Gila window tints help you make the most of your truck or car, inside and out, on the road and off. 

Made from professional-grade materials that deliver some serious style and comfort benefits, Gila DIY tints can be installed by non-experts just like you, with just a few tools, in very little time. Check out all your options here before you decide where to go with your upgrade. Gila has tints from light to the darkest, celebrity-worthy Xtreme Limo, and options from basic tint to tricked out, full-feature products with UV protection and cooling benefits.

Windshield Glare Strip Kit

A kit to add a glare strip along the top of your windshield to help make your driver safer and more comfortable

Truck & SUV Tints

Our offering for wider and longer rolls, perfect for vehicles that have larger windows.


Our best window tint. Advanced heat rejection thanks to our two layer dyed-ceramic construction.

Basic HEAT SHIELD™ Tints

Cut annoying glare and get 65-95% darker windows, with deep-dye technology that will also provide some heat rejection.


Get all the benefits our basic HEAT SHIELD tints, but with extra heat rejection thanks to an extra layer of heat-blocking technology.


Keep your interior looking showroom-new with high performance tint technology that blocks heat, glare and UV rays.


Get a glare reduction and a private, VIPs-only look with the 97.5% light-blocking power of our darkest, most dramatic tint.

Window Tint Application Tools

Fast track your auto tint project with tools that are specially designed for Gila and tested by window tint pros.

Static Cling Window Tints

Try our adhesive-free window tints for temporary installation needs and for a film that is easier to remove.

Product Specs
Tint Laws
Item Number Description TSER VLT Glare Reduction UV Rejection EMIS
NRS42 Basic Window Tint - 5% 42 4 95% 99%
NRS44 Basic Window Tint - 20% 36 22 75% 99%
NRS46 Basic Window Tint - 35% 33 39 55% 99%
HPB042 Heat Shield Window Tint - 5% 50 3 96% 99%
HPB044 Heat Shield Window Tint - 20% 46 20 78% 99%
HPB046 Heat Shield Window Tint - 35% 40 41 53% 99%
USS42 Heat Shield Plus Window Tint - 5% 50 4 96% 99%
USS44 Heat Shield Plus Window Tint - 20% 46 20 78% 99%
USS46 Heat Shield Plus Window Tint - 35% 40 42 53% 99%
JS242 Static Cling Window Tint - 5% 59 6 94% 99%
JS246 Static Cling Window Tint - 20% 46 19 79% 96%
JS248 Static Cling Window Tint - 35% 41 35 61%
Static Cling Plus Window Tint - 5% 60 5 95% 99%
Static Cling Plus Window Tint - 20% 51 18 80% 99%
Static Cling Plus Window Tint - 35% 41 44 35% 99%
XLB242 Xtreme Limo Black Window Tint - 2.5% 42 3 96% 99%

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Tint Laws

Automotive Window Tint Laws

Don’t risk getting pulled over for an automotive window tint violation. It could mean traffic tickets, fines, and even tint removal. 

Before you install Gila on your vehicle, thoroughly check regulations for darkness, reflectivity and correct use by region. Regulations for automotive tints change often and can be dramatically different, depending on the state, province or territory where you live. 

We’ve provided a link to regional window tint law information to help you make smart decisions about product and window placement. 

Check Regional Tint Laws