Privacy & Decor Films

Gila® Privacy Control and Decorative Window Film products are modern, money-smart alternatives to typical window coverings. Unlike shades, drapes and sheers, they don’t block natural light or hide window frames. Instead, Gila DIY window films let loads of beautiful sunlight in, while keeping prying eyes out. And they’re available in a broad selection of designer looks, including several styles that mimic expensive specialty glass. Explore your options to find the Gila window film that’s an ideal complement to your home, your windows, and your life.  

Choose our longwearing adhesive film if you’d like a more permanent change, or our reusable static cling film if you’d like more flexibility.
Expect 24-hour privacy from most styles. Black and mirror offer daytime-only disguise, while glacier and pebbles don’t fully obscure views
Gila’s Glass Scenes line of decorative window films is a special offering you’ll find only at Lowe’s in Canada and the U.S.
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Adhesive or Static Cling
Variety of Privacy Levels
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