Heat Control Window Film

Ever wish you could turn down the sun’s heat, just like you turn down the thermostat? Gila Heat Control Window Films aren’t quite that scientifically advanced, but they do give you the power to cool down hot spots, reduce glare and protect furnishings from UV rays. And unlike blinds or drapes, they give you clear views, allowing in natural light while enhancing comfort. You can easily apply Gila DIY films in a weekend, too. We make it possible with simple instructions and durable, high-grade materials created to deliver satisfying results.

Varying degrees of glare and heat blocking power, in a range of subtle tints: Light Grey, Platinum and Titanium.
Window tints can look mirrored from inside or out, depending on time of day. Gila’s Low Reflective and 3-in-1 product reduces this effect.
Choose our longwearing adhesive film if you’d like a lasting change, or our reusable static cling film if you’d like more flexibility.
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Control/Film Levels
Less Reflection
Adhesive or Static Cling