Gila® Window Film Application Tools

Get the most from your window film materials purchase and
DIY time investment with Gila application tools. Our tools help you get DIY
results you can be proud of, with less stress and in less time. That’s because Gila
pays attention to details, just like you. From the free, low-lint cloth
included with our Ready-to-Use Solution to the specially designed trimming tool
in our Complete Window Film Application Kit, you’ll see we’ve anticipated your
project needs and done our best to meet them. 

Packaged in a 16 oz. spray-trigger bottle, our solution is great for pre-project cleaning and film application.
Sets of tools designed to smooth out and speed up any DIY window film project. Choose the kit for your needs: Basic or Complete
Whether you’ve chosen a longer-wearing film with adhesive or a reusable cling film, our tools enhance results.
Item Title: 
Ready-to-Use Solution
Choice of Kits
Works with Any Film