Gila® Side Light Window Films

During the day, it’s nice to have sunshine streaming through the windows next to your front door. But at night, having those windows uncovered feels a little too exposed. Gila Side Light Window Film helps you make the most of your door-side windows, without covering up desirable architectural detail. It adds a decorative pattern or texture to glass, creating privacy without blocking natural light. Find the style that’s an ideal complement for your home, with a broad range of choices from traditional to modern, including designs that simulate the sparkle of expensive specialty glass. 

This slightly thicker, non-adhesive film makes it OK to change your mind. It’s easy to apply, easy to remove and reusable too.
Rolls of Gila Side Lights Window Film are just one foot wide and long enough to cover two typical door-side windows.
Gila’s Sidelight Solutions line of door-side window films is a special offering you’ll find only at Lowe’s in Canada and the U.S.
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Static Cling
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