Gila® Glare Control Window Films

Gila Glare Control Window Film helps make it more comfortable to look at virtually any electronic device - even in the most sun-flooded room, at high noon. Whether you’re interested in longer TV-watching marathons, hosting neighborhood video game tournaments, or just a less painful time paying bills online, Gila helps you create the right environment. Like the lenses in your favorite sunglasses, Gila Glare Control is easy to put on and reduces glare to help you see better, no matter what you’re viewing.

Complement your home and maintain a clear view with glare control in sophisticated smoke.
All Gila Glare Control window films also block UV rays to help keep carpet and upholstery from fading.
Gila Glare Control Smoke is available in either 6.5-foot long or 10-foot long rolls for larger windows and bigger projects.
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